Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Compaq Mini 110 - My Favourite Notebook

Today I am writing about the Compaq mini series.
basically They Are notebooks or Mini laptops.
The reason I am choosing this particular series is because I am currently using one and I have always found it handy and trustful.
I currently use the Mini 110 which is my favourite portable computer EVER!
Running Windows 7 ultimate, 2gb of RAM, 120gb HDD, built in WiFi, 3 usb 2.0 ports, headphone/microphone line-in, Webcam and microphone built in and An Intel Atom processor.

I have never had any problems with any of the Hardware at all.
everything always runs to perfection. it was given to me as a present
and I thought not much of it, but now I cant put it down. It makes writing blogs so much easier when you can just pick it up and take it on a bus or on a train or even when you just want to sit away from your pc and watch Television.

It is Brilliant for Running Games without serious lagging effect and Other Items, I currently play my Steam games on there and watch all my films and even listen to my music while I edit my Photos. I Socialise with Windows Live Messenger and never lose connection to friends or family. I link it to my Xbox 360 when I want to stream films from Windows Media Center.

The only downside to this brilliant and beautiful machine is that it has no CD/DVD drive.
but I got around that by just getting a portable usb DVD-rw drive for around £12.

If you choose to buy any notebook/ Mini laptop consider this one.
one of the best notebooks out at this present time.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blackberry Playbook to Counter iPad?

The new Playbook By Blackberry is told to match the Ipad 2. but i doubt for a minute that blackberry could match any smartphone/tablet.
The main Reason lots of teens have Blackberrys at the moment is because of BBM, the instant messaging for Blackberry. Basically you can only talk to you friends/family/co-workers if they also have a blackberry.

The Playbook in my opinion doesn't fit the spec needed to be placed against the iPad 2.

In respect Blackberry have come a long way. but Whats the deal With Everyone Copying Apples Product?

Let The Arguments commence; Who do you think is better?
Comment. tell me your views

Fed Up With Apple Not Having A Fix For Wifi

Recently My New iPhone stopped Connecting to EVERY WiFi connection, it wont even show it anymore.
i guess its time to send it back to O2 and see what they can do!
Its not like i Depend on using my WiFi or anything ¬_¬
i tried every method of trying to sort this out...
All The Reset settings have been done!
phone has been restored.
all media gone!
and yet still no fix????
Might just give Apple The Finger and move over to Android!
But lets Wait and See what Happens To The iPhone.

I will Keep You Posted on What Apple and O2 say/do.

Keep Teching!


You Get What You Pay For

Every now and then I think about buying something but I then realize the price and look for cheaper items.
i have come to the conclusion that Most of the "cheap" stuff i buy has actually benefited me GREATLY!

like i went out to buy some Skullcandy Headphones but ended up with some cheap Atari headphones instead. and i love them! Not as Awesome as the Skullcandy headphones i must admit... but for a fair price and for just listening to music.. they are great :)

truth be told look for alternatives to EVERYTHING you buy. you might find something worth getting instead.
i was going to buy a external dvd-rw drive for my notebook £45. looked around for a while found one at a faster writing speed for £12.99 makes all the difference!

Buy Cheap Enjoy Spending on more Important Matters. :)


The Lazy-Man way to Blogging (Dragon Naturally Speaking)

I came across this Amazing Piece of software called "Dragon Naturally Speaking".
If you want the basic description for this software here it is:

  • Use your Microphone instead of your Keyboard.
  • Write Word documents by talking.
  • it saves time and correct your spellings.
  • you can use it to open programs.
  • it makes multitasking Easy.

This Program helps in many ways.
My friend is dyslexic, he finds it very hard to read and write,
This program helps him do his English work and any other work he needs to do.
Speaking into a microphone instead of having to write down everything really benefits him and many other people. This Software is worth the money.
you could use it in college/university to record your lectures and it puts them straight into a word document.

It is so simple to use. with the noise cancelling headset provided when purchased it saves you buying a microphone or any other equipment for that matter.

you can find more information on their website :