Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cheap Gaming is all I need

I should let you in on a secret, In the last 2 months i have received an xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii and I spent about £28.

My secret is.....I don't have a secret.

It just involves common sense and some understanding of the tech world.

The Xbox 360 ~ A friend was getting rid of it because the Disc Drive was faulty = instant repair (clean it)
The PS3 ~ brought on Gumtree for £20 Had YLOD = oven bake trick = Works perfectly
The Wii ~ Ebay Sold for £3 Disc read Error = hack console and burn image files to external hdd
 Oh and the £5 was for all the Energy Drinks I drunk whilst Repairing and modding.

I'm waiting to start my new job soon so hopefully my cheap consoles will be modified to my exact needs.

If you need help repairing consoles around Reading, UK. send me an Email.

See Ya and Keep Teching.

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