Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Lazy-Man way to Blogging (Dragon Naturally Speaking)

I came across this Amazing Piece of software called "Dragon Naturally Speaking".
If you want the basic description for this software here it is:

  • Use your Microphone instead of your Keyboard.
  • Write Word documents by talking.
  • it saves time and correct your spellings.
  • you can use it to open programs.
  • it makes multitasking Easy.

This Program helps in many ways.
My friend is dyslexic, he finds it very hard to read and write,
This program helps him do his English work and any other work he needs to do.
Speaking into a microphone instead of having to write down everything really benefits him and many other people. This Software is worth the money.
you could use it in college/university to record your lectures and it puts them straight into a word document.

It is so simple to use. with the noise cancelling headset provided when purchased it saves you buying a microphone or any other equipment for that matter.

you can find more information on their website : http://www.nuance.co.uk/naturallyspeaking/


  1. It's an awesome piece of software :D

  2. That's amazing, I always wondered about this kind of software, can't believe i've finally found one!

  3. well its always helped me, i know it costs quite a bit of money, but it is defiantly worth buying into. keep tabs on my page. i will be putting up more amazing programs like this soon.