Tuesday, 24 May 2011

You Get What You Pay For

Every now and then I think about buying something but I then realize the price and look for cheaper items.
i have come to the conclusion that Most of the "cheap" stuff i buy has actually benefited me GREATLY!

like i went out to buy some Skullcandy Headphones but ended up with some cheap Atari headphones instead. and i love them! Not as Awesome as the Skullcandy headphones i must admit... but for a fair price and for just listening to music.. they are great :)

truth be told look for alternatives to EVERYTHING you buy. you might find something worth getting instead.
i was going to buy a external dvd-rw drive for my notebook £45. looked around for a while found one at a faster writing speed for £12.99 makes all the difference!

Buy Cheap Enjoy Spending on more Important Matters. :)


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